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Beth Kleist


(limited edition of 100)

The third album of the Nils Quak / Philipp Bückle collaboration Beth Kleist as a limited tape edition.
This time between ritual and kraut weirdness.

Professionally dubbed and printed, shrinkwrapped.



Leave Again (Outtakes & Remixes)

(limited edition of 200)

Digipack CD including outtakes from the acclaimed Leave album as well as remixes by Bracken, Simpático & The Declining Winter.

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TG 003 CD


Best Of

(limited edition of 200)

Illustrious Australian pop outfit from the mid-90‘s. Featuring members of The Cannanes, Crabstick, Huon, Hydroplane & Cat's Miaow.

This CD compiles remastered versions of their out of print releases plus some unreleased candy.

Digipack with full colour booklet.

TG 004 CD

Moongazing Hare

The Sunderland Valves

(limited edition of 100)

Danish folk/drone hope out of Fanø island.

Pastoral soundscapes combined with fantastic songwriting.

Comes as a beautiful Digipack CD.

Out now:

TG 005 Tape

Die Geister Beschwören

Music Feeds Stars

(limited edition of 50)

Krautrock collective from Portland, Oregon.
Multiple textures of music with widespread arrangements. A humble but perfect journey through 70‘s underground styles.

Comes as a professionally dubbed and printed tape, numbered.